About Us

Vision-Mission Statement

We, the St. Thérèse Private School of Mandaluyong, envision a learning community committed to develop the young to become confident, compassionate, collaborative and prayerful Christians who are prepared to meet the challenges of higher learning and of the present life.

Inspired by the holy life of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, we provide quality education through a holistic formation that animates the young to cultivate utmost respect of individuality amidst differences.

STePS Philosophy

The St. Thérèse Private School of Mandaluyong is an institution of learning and formation that offers pre-school and grade school. It conforms to the Department of Education’s prescribed curriculum enhanced with a modified individualized and group instruction program that is “distinctly St. Thérèse’s”. The curriculum is structured in a sequenced scenario, built on pre-requisite subjects that are interrelated and integrated towards the overall objectives of the school.

The STePS community joins the parents in taking a personal interest in the development of each pupil – “CURA PERSONALIS (care and concern for the individual) – helping each one develop a sense of self-worth and to become a responsible member of the community.

The STePS educational and formative process recognizes the stages of development each student undergoes – intellectual, emotional, affective, psychological, etc. and assists each one to mature gradually in these areas.

STePS Logo and Its Meaning

Just like St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus, the school’s logo is free from complication that anyone who looks at it will see it as the embodiment of one of her most endearing virtues: SIMPLICITY.

• As a whole, the circular logo symbolizes unity, wholeness and infinity.
• The curved edges of the circle symbolize a flower’s petals which is associated with femininity and motherly love.
• Enveloped by the curved edges are:

- the outer red layer symbolizing the color of the roses that St. Thérèse promised to shower upon all on earth
- the middle layer – which is beige in color – is the color of the Carmelites to which congregation the saint belonged. Within this layer is the name of the school separated by two roses from its acronym, STePS
- the center of the circle with the image of St. Thérèse carrying a bouquet of red roses and a crucifix close to her heart