Academic Programs Offers

◘ Toodler ◘ Nursery ◘ Kinder
◘ Grade 1 ◘ Grade 2 ◘ Grade 3 ◘ Grade 4 ◘ Grade 5 ◘ Grade 6


◘ Birth Certificate (original & photocopy)
◘ 1x1 (ID size) colored picture (2 copies)
◘ Certificate of Good Moral Character
◘ 1 big brown envelope

◘ Birth Certificate (original & photocopy)
◘ 1x1 (ID size) colored picture (2 copies)
◘ Baptismal Certificate(for grade 3 only)
◘ Certificate of Good Moral Character
◘ Recommendation form (to be secured from St. Therese)
◘ Certificate of recognition duly approved by
DepEd/Government Permit of the previous school
◘ Photocopy of Report Card
• No final grade lower than 80% in any subject
• No failing grade in any grading period
• No conduct grade below 85%
◘ Testing fee (Php 250.00)


1. Submit all the admission requirements to the Registrar's Office and secure a STEPS application form.
2. Fill out the application form and pay testing fee of Php 250.00 at the Accounting Office.
3. Present the official receipt of payment and submit the filled out application form to the Registrar's Office.
4. Get test schedule.
5. Call the Registrar's Office for the result three (3) days after the exam.

Enhancement Program

Worried about your child's Reading and Comprehension skills?
Is your child trailing behind Numbers and Operations?
You want your child to be STEPS ahead in class but don't know what, where and how to begin?
Worry no more! STEP into the world of LEP
M'LEP (Math Learning Enhancement Program)
& E'LEP (English Learning Enhancement Program)

M'LEP and E'LEP are continuing monthly programs whose classes are held every saturday, 8:00am - 10:00am and 10:00am - 12:00pm.
These programs are offered to STePS students, as well as to students from other schools.